A truly unique and contemporary way to present various forms of artwork, face mounting ensures rich color brilliance and intensity unobtainable by any other framing method. Works are mounted under a high gloss acrylate, which ensures a protective finish over your piece, enhances color, depth, contrast and saturation. This particular method provides a frameless display, drawing attention solely to the artwork it contains rather than the frame itself. Ensuring protection against air pollution, UV radiation and premature aging, face mounting preserves and protects your print and raises the bar in terms of elite fine art exhibition quality.

Face mounting production consists of a highly controlled gluing process that involves adhering the face of one’s graphic or print to an acrylic sheet also known as Plexiglas. The airtight seal between the acrylic and print displays your fine art in a stunningly clear and vivid manner with reduced light refraction and a high gloss finish. This type of mounting provides exceptional brilliance and color vibrancy with deeper and darker black tones and richer color contrast, an almost 3D effect. By enhancing the image quality of the work being displayed while still preserving the total size of the print, face mounting is a cost effective mounting method and a contemporary alternative to framing when it comes to displaying your visual material.

If you’re a professional photographer, artist, graphic designer or architect, face mounting is an excellent and innovative way to display your work, offering a professional look, which is easily displayed in a variety of settings